Gabriel Yahaya Shaibu

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Staff Name: Mr Gabriel Yahaya Shaibu

Phone: 07033943537


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Department: Works

Position: Water Treatment Plant Operator


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Mr. Shaibu Yahaya Gabriel is a Water Treatment Plant Operator in Estate and Works Department, Edo University Iyamho, Edo State, Nigeria.  He obtained his Federal Craft Training Certificate at Igarra Technical College, prior to obtaining his Federal Craft Certificate in Metal and Fabrication.

As a Water Treatment Plant Operator he is saddled with a number of responsibilities like pumping and treatment of water supplied within the University Community. He ensures the proper functioning of the Water Plant to avoid any lapses by ensuring routine maintenance and servicing as at when due.

Mr. Shaibu Yahaya Gabriel is committed to staff of the University with his duty as a Water Treatment Plant Operator diligently which is one of the most important Departments in the University.  He is very up and doing when it comes to his duties.

He has worked with the Edo State Government House as Water Treatment Plant Operator.

As the saying goes, “Water is life and without water there is no life”, Mr. Shaibu Yahaya Gabriel  in his daily routine is making sure Water Supply in the University meets the World Class Standard which Edo University is known for.


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