Monica Okhaimoh

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Staff Name: Mrs Monica Okhaimoh

Phone: 08131938295


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Department: Library Unit

Position: Library Assistanct


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Mrs. Okhaimoh Monica is a Library Assistant in the University Library, Edo University Iyamho, Edo State Nigeria. She obtained National Certificate in Education (N.C.E) at the National Teacher’s Institute, Kaduna in 2013.

Mrs. Okhaimoh performs Clerical duties in the Library, as a paraproferional my duty is to help patrons select materials for more research to the librarian.  She also checks in and out materials at the circulation desk receive payment for fines, shelves books, when the patrons return the materials.

She is a pro-active lady, with the ability to learn quickly, as part of her learning ability.  She participated in the Advanced Digital Appreciation Programme of Tertiary Institution (ADAPTI) organised by Digital Bridga Institute held at Edo University Iyamho in 2017.

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