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Staff Name: Mr Ehizokhale Fran Abhulimen

Phone: 08069703816


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Department: Laboratory

Position: Laboratory Scientist


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Mr Abhulimen Ehizokhale Fran is a laboratory scientist at the department of animal and environmental biology,Faculty of science, Edo University Iyamho, Edo State, Nigeria. He is a B.Sc.graduate of Zoology from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma.

Mr Abhulimen teaches laboratory proceedings and techniques to the undergraduate in Animal and Environment Biologyand related fields such as plant biology,molecular diagnosis.His research area includes aquaculture and fishery, entomology, parasitology and genetics.


He has gained meaningful knowledge from attendance of various training seminar and workshops which has improved his capacity in laboratory management. He also has been awarded several certification such as the food and agricultural organization of the United Nations (FAO) on fundamentals of Information literacy and access to global online research (AGORA), molecular diagnostic and bioinformatics Certificate of participation at lahor research institute.

He is a Zoologist that synergises sample collection, analysis, research and conservation into a sustainable and developing pattern within the laboratory environment.

His personal bias about knowledge is to emphasize the employment of modern techniques for carrying out sustainable food security through agriculture, aquaculture and conservation.

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