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Staff Name: Dr Solomon Awuzie

Phone: 08039479529


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Faculty: Faculty of Arts, Management and Social Sciences

Department: English

Position: Associate Professor


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Dr Solomon Awuzie obtained his Bachelor of Art (B.A.) degree in English
and Literary Studies from Imo State University Owerri, his Master of Arts
(M.A.) degree in English (Literature) from the University of Ibadan and his
PhD degree in English (Literature) from the University of Port Harcourt. He
started his academic career at the Department of English, Kaduna State
College of Education, Gidan Waya/ Kafanchan, during his one year
compulsory National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) programme. He has since
then taught at the Institute of Continuous Education Programme in Imo State
University, Owerri. At present he is a lecturer at the Department of English,
Edo University Iyamho, where he was the former / pioneer Ag Head of Department of English.
Prior to his employment as a lecturer at Edo University Iyamho, he worked as an Assistant
Researcher to Professor Aderemiraji-Oyelade of the University of Ibadan on a Flagship Book
project for the University of Ibadan Postgraduate School. He had also worked as Editor to a
number of reputable publishing companies which include Kraft Books Ltd, University Press Plc,
Cel-Bez Publishing Co Ltd and LUI House of Excellence Ventures.
He is the author of The Last Revolution (2010), The Born Again Devil(2004), A Policeman
also Dies and Other Plays(2017), The Taunts of the Flesh(2004) and many other Children
fictions. In 2005, his short story entitled “Your Epistle” won the ANA-IMO/ YOUNG
WRITERS CLUB prize for literature and in 2015 his children fiction entitled Oluyemi and the
School Fee came second at the ANA-IMO state literary competition.



Name:                                                                          AWUZIE Solomon

Date of Birth:                                                             February 3, 1981

Place of Birth:                                                            Lagos

Nationality:                                                                Nigerian

Sex:                                                                               Male

Marital Status:                                                          Married

Number and Ages of Children:                          4 (4, 2, 6, 6)

Contact Address:                                                     Department of English, Faculty of Art, Management and Social Sciences, Edo University, Iyamho, Edo State

     Permanent Home Address:                   Awuzie’s Compound, Umuluwe Ajirija,  

                                                        Osuachara, Umuduru, Isiala Mbano, Imo


     Phone Number:                                                          08039479529


     Area(s) of Research Interest:                                Anglophone African Literature, World Literature, African Oral Literature

     Date of First Appointment:                                   




University of Port Harcourt                         Ph.D English                                                        2015


University of Ibadan                                                       M.A English                                                        2009


Imo State University                                                       BA English and Literary Studies  2005


Wahab Folawuyi High School, Ikoyi Lagos              S.S.C.E                                                  2000


Zunic Education Center Oyigbo River State J.S.C.E                                                                             1996


Oladipo Primary School Igumu                   F.S.L.C                                                   1993




Winner ANA-IMO/ Young Writers Club Prize for literature 2005.

Second Position Winner ANA-IMO Prize for Children Literature 2015.

Reviewer: International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Culture 2016-date.

Reviewer for the West African Region: Africa in Words 2017-date

A member of The Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Imo State Chapter.

A member of the Association of West African Young Writers (AWAYW), Lagos State Chapter.




Kaduna State College of Education Gidan Waya/Kafanchan Kaduna, Nigeria (N.Y.S.C.)

Job Scope:             Teaching and Research  August 2006—September 2007


KraftBooks Ltd, Ibadan Assistant:                             June 2008—October 2008

Job Scope:                                                                          Editor


Professor Aderemi-Raji Oyelade Department of English University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria:                                                                   October 2008—January 2009

Job Scope:                                                                          Research Assistant


University Press PLC, Three Crowns Building, Jericho Ibadan:    April 2009—Nov 2009

Job Scope:                                                                          Editor


Lui House of Excellence Ventures, Owerri:                           Feb 2010—date

Job Scope:                                                                          Editor


Cel-bez Publishers & Co Ltd, Owerri:                       Jan 2011—date

Job Scope:                                                                                          Editor


Gregory University, Uturu, Okigwe:                         2012- Sept 2012

Job Scope:                                                                                          Teaching and Research


Institute of Continuous Education Programme, Imo State University, Owerri:

Sept 2012—2016

Job Scope:                                                                                          Teaching and Research


Department of English  Edo University, Iyamho, Edo State:  2016—till date

Job Scope:                                                                                          Teaching and Research



   Undergraduate courses

  1. ENG 113: Introduction to Prose-Fiction
  2. ENG 114: Introduction to Poetry

iii.  ENG 115: English Composition I

  1. ENG 123: Introduction to Drama
  2. ENG 125: English Composition II
  3. ENG 214: Survey of English Literature

vii. ENG 216: Introduction to Modern African Literature




  1. Lecturer-in- Charge: Department of English, Edo University, Iyamho: May 2016 to September 2017
  2. Member: Statutory Students Disciplinary Committee
  3. Member: Faculty of Arts, Management and Social Sciences Students Disciplinary Committee 21st February 2017
  4. Member: Senate Committee on Departmental Transfer of Students 2016/2017 session
  5. Member: Senate Committee on Paperless Senate




Project Supervision to the under-listed  under-graduation Students:


  1. Offia Gift Onyinye (National Open University)
  2. Okooboh Esther Omoye (National Open University)
  3. Miyereghenuwa Comfort (national Open University)
  4. Okoye Chinonyelum Gloria (National Open University)
  5. Umeh Ebere Cecilia (National Open University)
  6. Emedobi Ogechukwu (National Open University)
  7. Alumona Petnora Nkechi (National Open University)






  1. Awuzie, S. (2016) A psychoanalytic reading of the poetry of Okigbo and Ojaide. Germany: Germany: Scholar’s Press


  1. ----------- . (2017)Perspectives on Chukwuma Ibezute’s Writing. Owerri: Cel Bez & Co Publishers


  1. ---------. (2001) Lagos: Functional Books Ltd


  1. ---------. (2004) The Taunts of the Flesh. Owerri: Cel Bez & Co Publishers


  1. ---------. (2004) The Born-Again Devil. Owerri: Cel Bez & Co Publishers


  1. --------- (2006) The Sin of My Mother. Owerri: Crown Publishers Ltd


  1. -------- (2010) The Last Revolution. Owerri: Cel-Bez & Co Publishers


  1. -------- (2011) Oluyemi and the School Fee. Owerri: Learning House Publishers




  1. -------- (2017) The Tiger King. Uyo: V2U Network


  1. -------- (2016) Omenukor and the King of Umuele. Lagos: Blissbay Publishers Ltd


  1. ------- (2017) Adventure of Udo. Lagos: Blissbay Publishers Ltd


  1. ------- (2017) A Police Man Also Dies and Other Plays Owerri: Cel-Bez & Co




  1. ------------(2017) The Unsatisfied Ghost. Aking Publishers Benin City




  1. Awuzie, S. (2011) “The New Historicist Practice and the Conception of the Dibia As a Poet Persona: Chinonyerem’s The Changing Songs and The Shattered Pot and Other PoemsIMBIZO (1)


  1. -------.(2012) “Revolution and the Nigerian Nation: A Study of Ibezute’s Hamerian People’s RevolutionJournal of English Language Studies in Africa1No 2


  1. -------. (2016)“Contemplating the Wind as Spirit: Shelley’s ‘Ode to the Wind’ and Raji’s Select Poems” Internet Journal of Language, Culture and Society


  1. ------ (2015) “Didacticism and the Third Generation of African Writers: Chukwuma Ibezute’s The Temporal Gods and Goddess in the CathedralTYDSKRIF VIR  LETTERKUNDE 52 (2)


  1. ------- (2017)“Contemplating the Fate of a Ruined Generation: A Postmodernist

                Reading of  Ukah’s When the Wind Blows and Ibezute’s Stain on a White

                 Robe” Kafla


  1. --------(2015) “Good Wives and Bad Wives: Ibezute’s Victims of Betrayal, The Temporal Gods and Dance of Horror”  IMBIZO (1)



  1. --------(2016) “Fake Graduate” and the fate of the African Society: Camillus Ukah’s When the Wind Blows and Rasaki Ojo Bakare’s Once Upon a Tower” Commonwealth Youth and Development


  1. --------(2016) A Psychoanalytic reading of Tanure Ojaide’s Poetry. Journal of African Literary Studies


  1. --------- (2016)Structures, Conflicts, and Meanings: Chukwuma Ibezute’s Prison Memoirs of Gerald Williams and Tempters and Traitors” International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Culture 3 (4)


  1. Awuzie, S. and L. Iro. (2017) “Growing-up Motif in African Literature: A study of Chukwuma Ibezute’s Time Will Tell”. Journal of Humanities (HUJOH)


  1. Okereke, C.E. and S. Awuzie. (2016) “Society in the 21st Century African Novel: Chukwuma Ibezute’s The Wisdom of the Chameleon.” Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies R &D1 (6)


  1. Awuzie, S. and I. Okiche. (2017)“Corruption and Politics in Chukwuma Ibezute’s Cries of the Downtrodden”. Research Journal of Language, Literature and Humanities 4(3) 1-4 March


  1. Awuzie, S. (2017) Pain as Motif in the Poetry of the third generation of African poets: Hyginus Ekwuazi’s Selected Poems. Oye: Journal of Language, Literature and Popular Culture


  1. Awuzie, S. (2017) Mortality of Arts in Soyinka’s “Appollodorus on the Niger” and “Cremation of a Wormy Caryatid”. Journal of Humanities (HUJOH)




Accepted but Unpublished Papers


--------Post-colonialism and the third world Countries of Caribbean and Africa: Earl

                 Lovelace’s The Dragon Can’t Dance and Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s Petals of



 -------African Poets as Semioticians: Christopher Okigbo’s “Path of Thunder” and Remi

            Raji”s Web of Remembrance.



---------Poverty, Corruption and the Nigerian Church: Chukwuma Ibezute’s Stain on

            A White Robe.


--------- “Culture Arts in Pre-colonial Time.” A Chapter of the book entitled The Nigerian

             People and Culture. To be published by the Faculty of Arts, Management and

             Social Sciences, Edo University, Iyamho


Conferences Papers

  1. “Phases of Tragedy: The Femi Osofisan’s Plays”
  2. “Realism in El sadawe’s Woman at Point Zero”
  3. “Mortality of Art in Soyinka’s Mandela’s Earth and Other Poems”


Conference Participated with Dates

  1. Kaduna College of Education Biannual National Conference 2007
  2. G. Dara@ 60 International Conference 2008
  3. International Conference on African Literature: Department of English University of Ibadan 2009





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