Henry Omose Abekhe

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Staff Name: Mr Henry Omose Abekhe

Phone: 08140386486

Email: henry.abekhe@edouniversity.edu.ng

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Department: Bursary Department

Position: Accountant I


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  1. Abekhe Henry is an Accountant and a Master Degree holder in Business Administration. He is the Officer in Charge of Audit Edo University Iyamho and a member of Institute of Chartered Accountant (I C A N)

In-view, He had First and Second Degree from the University of Benin –Benin-City.

MR Abekhe Henry has been an Accountant with Uniben Integrated Enterprises University of Benin for some period and was in charge of Uniben Guest House, Uniben Water Factory and Uniben Press.  He has made a greater impart in Area of efficiency and development during his time in the University of   Benin.


Counting on the valuable experience gained at Conference and Seminars organised by Edo University   Iyamho.

I am Proud to say that there is greater Future in Edo University Iyamho.

My  Philosophy  of  learning  is  to  emphasize  on  Good  Communication  Skill  and  Ability to  set  up  auditing  system  in  the  department  of  the  University.

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